UM Launch Pad 2013 Startup Competition Video

UM Launch Pad 2013

UM Launch Pad 2013 was a entrepreneurship competition.This was my first 60 second pitch video in this capacity. At the time, we thought we wanted Magnitax to be a technology company. However, this was not feasible since we focus on accounting and bookkeeping services. You can tell within five minutes of being on our site that we have moved on from this day, happily.

The competition was our founder Jean-Désir’s first time pitching on video.


We did not win but it was a great time to learn about what I should do for the future.

UM Launch Pad

The Launch pad is a entrepreneurship hub sponsored and built by the University of Miami in Miami, Florida. Their program centers around resources and programs for their students, staff and some of the public. They have focused most of their attention in the last couple of years to grow more startups.

I am a father, entrepreneur, businessman and artist who is constantly challenging himself and others around me to be greater. With my eyes towards the future of technology, finance, real-estate, media and entertainment it is paramount that I increase my knowledge in those different areas. Keep up with me and let’s grow together.

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